The Best EMR System Is Only As good As Its Data Follow the RIGHTPATH™ to Convert Your Legacy Data Need a Link to Your Legacy Data? PATIENTARCHIVE™ is the AnswerBI Solutions for Population Health
The Best EMR System is Only as good as Its Data - EMR Conversions - Expert EMR Data Extraction and Conversion ServicesFollow the RIGHTPATH™ to Convert Your Legacy Data - The RIGHTPATH™ Process - Health eFormatic's best-practices approach to EMR Conversions.Need a Link to Your Legacy Data? PATIENTARCHIVE™ is the Answer - PATIENTARCHIVE™ - Access legacy data without a discrete EMR Conversion.BI Solutions for Population Health

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Implementing a new Electronic Medical Records system with advanced functionality to help your physicians deliver better patient care is exciting. But going live with inaccurate or missing data is like opening a gift that doesn’t have batteries. For your new EMR/EHR system to be successful, everyone must be CONFIDENT in the data from day one. Health eFormatics helps ensure a positive EMR Conversion and go-live experience for your new EMR. LEARN MORE

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  • EMR/PM Data Conversions and Transitions to a new EMR/PM System

    Physicians Groups

    Health eFormatics specializes in EMR/PM data conversions and has worked with hundreds of medical practices like yours to help them successfully transition to a new EMR/PM system.


  • EMR Data Conversion Services and Expert Consultation

    Healthcare Organizations

    Health eFormatics partners with hospitals and healthcare networks of all sizes to provide expert consultation and EMR data conversion services.


  • EMR Vendor Partner for Legacy Data Conversion

    EMR Vendors

    Health eFormatics works with EMR vendors as a trusted partner and expert resource to ensure your customers' legacy data is converted successfully.


  • Customized EMR/PM Conversions Options

    Healthcare Consultants

    Health eFormatics offers a complete range of options for EMR/PM conversions that can be customized for your clients' exact needs.


  • “With Health eFormatics, we have confidence knowing that the job will be done right and seen through to completion.”

    --Chuck Colley, Chief Technology Officer, 7-Sigma Inc
  • “With PatientArchive, it is so much faster and easier to access and extract our legacy EMR charts! PatientArchive is a huge time and money saver for us all the way around.”

    --Marilyn Backus, EMR Project Manager, Iowa Clinic
  • “Health eFormatics proved invaluable during system migration, enabling a resourceful means of accessing our legacy data on an ongoing basis.”

    --Rob Rogers, CFO, Community Care of West Virginia

  • “I would recommend Health eFormatics to anybody with EMR Conversion needs.”

    --Danica Colwart, Practice Administrator, Digestive Health Center

  • “Our relationship with Health eFormatics has allowed our product development to progress far more quickly and with greater depth than our team had imagined.”

    --Reid Wilburn, C.O.O., ePREOP, LLC 
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